Resume Tips

Whether you are creating a new resume or enhancing an old resume, our experts have tips and tricks to get your resume noticed by employers.

Resume Writing 101:

What is the specific role of your resume?

Snapshot of your skills, experience, and education
Sample of your written work

How should your resume be formatted?

Use a consistent look and style
Ensure that the document is clear and accurate
Save as PDF

Where should you begin creating your resume?

Choose the headings you want to include
Gather relevant data

- Dates
- Names
- Titles
- Relevant numbers

How specific should your resume be?

Resumes can be modified based on the job for which you are applying
Use language from the job posting/position description to describe your experience
Use language from the available job requirements to describe your skills
Use language from the posting/position description to indicate your understanding of the specific regulatory environment or age group or neighborhood