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Professional Development Coordinator

Professional development coordinators help teachers and programs assess, plan and achieve personal professional development goals. They serve as community leaders and catalysts for professional development opportunities to meet the needs of the early childhood and school-age workforce. Professional development coordinators use research-derived data to regularly assess the professional needs of the early childhood workforce in the community. They serve as liaisons between early childhood and school-age educators and existing educational systems. They ensure that professional development activities are available, accessible, high quality and relevant to subjects or content areas that reflect research-based and appropriate early childhood and/or school-age practices. T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood® and Child Care WAGE$® coordinators and counselors routinely provide career and professional development counseling to the early childhood workforce.

Professional development coordinators must possess good written and oral communication skills; be able to collaborate, plan and partner with other agencies and institutions providing professional development opportunities; be able to provide professional development opportunities on a wide variety of topics; know how to provide follow-up support; and document and evaluate services provided. Professional development coordinators also advocate for policies, standards, practices and efforts necessary for ensuring and retaining a well-educated, compensated, and skilled early childhood workforce. A number of states are beginning to require certification or approval of those who provide training to early care and education program staff.

Job possibilities at:



High schools

Child care resource and referral agencies

Professional associations

Public and nonprofit agencies


Recommended education:

Bachelor’s or graduate degree in Early Childhood Education/Child Development or Youth Development

Typical salary range:

$26,450 – $108,640