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Consultants provide information and assistance to early child care and education programs, business and industry, communities, elected public policy officials, and state and federal agencies, this information can help them develop programs, regulations and public policies that will enhance or improve access to and the quality of early care and education.

Consultants usually travel to the organization in need of their services to help them evaluate needs, provide resources, share developed tools or strategies, and provide guidance on future direction. Consultants may also work with employers who may be interested in providing family-friendly policies or programs like on-site child care, flex benefits including child care resource and referral services and child care tuition subsidies.

Early childhood systems consultants need a foundation in early childhood education/child development and early childhood program administration as well an in-depth understanding of the funding bodies and agencies/systems supporting child care in the area being served. Public policy consultants need a strong foundation in the workings of the early childhood system and how regulation and policy are created and affected. Consultants who work with businesses or other employers may need special knowledge about market research, human resources management, employee benefits, specific products and services, and how the employing organization makes decisions and determines needs.

Job possibilities at:

Public, private for-profit and nonprofit agencies


Recommended education:

Bachelor’s or graduate degree in Early Childhood Education/Child Development, Human Services or a related field

Bachelor’s or graduate degree in Business Administration with a minimum of 18 credits in Early Childhood Education/Child Development

Typical salary range:

Annually: $35,000 – $90,000

Daily Rate: $200 – $2,000