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My ideal career is a:


Researchers specializing in the area of early childhood conduct studies and evaluate services and practices that impact the outcomes of young children and early childhood programs that serve them and their families. In this role, an early childhood researcher may develop data collection tools, manage data collection activities, collect qualitative data, conduct quantitative analyses, and write reports and grant proposals for outside funding.

Depending on seniority, responsibilities may also include developing and leading new projects, maintaining client relations, designing research and evaluation studies, presenting findings to outside audiences, writing grant proposals for outside funding, participating in professional scientific meetings and scholarly activities, and publishing findings in peer reviewed publications.

Researchers should also have excellent outreach, research, data analysis and grant and report writing skills, as well as a strong foundation in early childhood education. Researchers may also need specialized training on standardized classroom or early childhood program evaluation tools.

Job possibilities at:


Government and state agencies

Nonprofit and for profit research organizations

Recommended education:

Ph.D. in Child Development or Early Childhood Education or related area with knowledge of, and experience in, Early Childhood Education

Typical salary range:

$39,790 – $127,590