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My ideal career is a:

Technical Assistance Specialist

Technical assistance (TA) is defined as consultation provided either on the phone, by email, or on-site that occurs in response to a staff question, an observation occurring during an on-site visit, or as part of a quality-improvement activity. TA specialists provide assistance for an individual classroom, multiple classrooms and/or an entire program to start-up, address corrective action requirements, and/or achieve higher quality. Specialists of TA work with programs for varying lengths of time to share and support the implementation of research-based and developmentally appropriate teaching strategies and practices. Specialists may also work with program administrators to strengthen business knowledge and skills and work with community stakeholders to reach common goals. TA specialists must possess good oral and written communication skills and have a deep level of knowledge about facility licensing, early childhood education classroom and program assessment tools, and community resources available to address identified needs. Providing on-site TA and support is an interesting, exciting and rewarding job. It can also be physically tiring and emotionally draining. Not everyone is well suited to be a TA specialist. Persons who characterize themselves as self-directed and organized, energetic, and willing to learn will be the most likely to succeed in this role. A number of states are beginning to require approval or certification of those who provide technical assistance to early care and education program staff.

Job possibilities at:

Child care resource and referral agencies

Professional associations

Public and non-profit agencies

Recommended education:

Graduate degree in Early Childhood Education/Child Development

Typical salary range:

$40,000 – $60,000