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Regulators have the job of ensuring that early childhood programs of all kinds comply with the appropriate federal, state or local requirements. The job of a regulator involves visiting programs to assess their compliance with applicable standards. Often regulators provide technical assistance and training to program staff to help them meet the necessary requirements. In some cases, regulators must also investigate early childhood programs that have been reported for noncompliance.

All regulators of early childhood programs must possess an understanding of how children develop, how to plan and implement appropriate early childhood activity plans, how to develop an operating budget, where to seek resources to support families, children and program needs, effective group management skills, and basic health and safety practices. Regulators must also know the specific rules that are mandated in their specific regulatory arena. Finally, regulators must possess good communication and interpersonal skills to work with the people they are charged with monitoring. This job requires expertise at balancing the need to protect the welfare of children with the need to reassure teachers and administrators/coordinators who are trying to provide quality early experiences for children and families.

Most regulators work for federal, state or local government entities. Early childhood regulators working at the state level are typically assigned territories or regions, which means that their jobs may require substantial travel. A child care program consultant may work for a public agency and monitor licensed or regulated programs. Other state agencies also employ consultants to focus on a particular area or need. For example, a program consultant working within a health department may monitor programs that serve children with diverse abilities. At the local level a social worker may be assigned to investigate abuse or neglect referrals within child care programs.

Job possibilities at:

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

Child care licensing

State prekindergarten offices

County/state departments of social services or education

Office of Head Start

Recommended education:

Graduate degree in Early Childhood Education/Child Development/Social Work

Typical salary range:

$34,000 – $62,500